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Lewis Maddern mentioned, "I would advise no one ever goes One Call insurance. I have attempted 5 times to change cancele my policy and each time have failed as you cannot get any contact via a phone call and every time I try to do this on chat they disconnected the chat or ask a million questions instead of just doing what I ask."


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customer service (Former Employee) says

"ti contattano per lavorare in servizio clienti invece come al solito chiedono di vendere vendere vendere"

Senior Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"company has no regard for employees and respect Cons: company has no regard for employees and respect"

Nurse Clinical care coordinator (Former Employee) says

"No help or training provided to the nurse for clerical, billing or indexing of notes or payment. The nurse is not used to billing the agencies or negotiation of the pricing"

Medical Billing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Supervisor was not equipped to lead"

FNOL (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here. This is the worst mistake I've ever made. It's run by ****** up each others ***** and the only way to ever get any where is to **** management. They do not care about you, or your family. They will take everything from you."

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) says

"I was never so happy to leave a job as I was this one. To increase productivity the managers would often reccomend illegal drugs and would often provide them. To deal with the stress they recommend alcohol Cons: Stress, 1000s of emails in a day, constantly being told your jot good enough."

Dental Staffer (Former Employee) says

"Company makes contracts with providers and they don't even pay them (no integrity). There is no sense of teamwork, and if they believe you speak another language they will not pay you accordingly. Management/HR is a complete joke, they'll walk past you without acknowledging you. They're not flexible with scheduling even if you want to study in the field and expand career. Cons: Cr*p management, cr*p pay, no flexibility"

Freelance Sign Language Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"This company reached out to me for a last minute assignment that they could not cover in the Rochester NY area. They are from Jacksonville fla. I negotiated my rates and got everything in writing. It has been 3 months and they refuse to pay me always with some excuse that I have not submitted some paperwork. However I have submitted everything they have asked for. They shuffle me off from one department to the next and still have not paid. I will report them to the Federal Trade Commission and I am writing to warn interpreters out there DO NOT work for them. I don't want you to waste your time like I did! Not to mention the stress and frustration that came with this! I do have everything documentation, all my interactions with them, If you do decide to work here i recommend you document everything too! This company is horrible to exploit interpreters and the Deaf community like this. Be careful!"

Home Health Case Management Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I had several problems through my short employment. Management acts like they care and does little to help. They do not follow their own protocols. There is no life/work balance, they expect you to be a "yes" person and commit your life to a very low paying job that offers little room for advancement. This is a good starter job, but I do not recommend it to anyone who has a family and/or other priorities outside of work."

CARE COORDINATOR I HES DX (Current Employee) says

"Way too much is expected. Terrible pay. Even if you’re bilingual (like me) they won’t pay extra. Got slapped in the face with a 25cent raise. Doesn’t accept doctors note WHATSOEVER so make sure you know when you’ll be sick so you can request 7 hours off in advance LMAO this place is a whole joke. I dread coming here every morning. Basically a whole prison. Also be prepared to not have any training and be expected to preform"

Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Nothing to talk about. An income but not recommended. If you have other options choose them. If not, go for it, I guess. But keep looking for something better."

Medical Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"inbound and outbound call center. My have the ability to speak with patients. Multi taking is a must. constantly connected to the phone. job is very repetitive."

Care Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"One call is the most unorganized mess of a place I’ve ever worked. Your job changes daily, you never know what to expect day to day, your graded on metrics that dont apply to the job your doing. They ask you to do extra things to help the company and then punish you for doing what they ask because your numbers go down because those metrics aren’t grading what they asked you to do. Example they will ask you to help out in training where your not on the phone for a whole month and then raise time hits and they ask why your numbers suffered for that month when you tell them they say oh yeah well nothing we can do. They have no accountability when it comes to co workers mistakes and then give raises and promotions to the people who aren’t doing their job but have high numbers because they are doing it improperly. They will make every promise to you and then will never follow through on those promises. Your own supervisor doesn’t even know what’s going on. Terrible place of employment. Benefits are offered but are expensive Cons: Unorganized, dishonest, horrible leadership, low pay for amount of work expected"

Dental Staffing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I'm the type of person that will not talk bad about my previous employer, all I have to say is that he laid off a astounded employee."

Dental Staffing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I've answered what I've needed to answer, so far I hate having to discuss my experience in regards to my previous employer because I've lasted this long. So far it's an all over the place type of job and no proper training."


"Horrible managerment Cons: Job security"

Development Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"While working in the Parsippany office, the environment was very off-putting. Everyday people would be fearful of losing their jobs due to the poor health of the company overall."

Provider Relationship Manager (Current Employee) says

"Workplace is VERY micro managed to the point of requiring employees to clock out for bathroom breaks; very structured place; most employees simply work there until they can find other employment"

Patient Care Coordinator I (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here unless you have no other choice and then still don't work here. People are trained different ways so nobody does everything the same. All they care about is metrics not people. Some managers are amazing, some you don't see or hear from for weeks at a time."

Senoir Patient Care Coordinator, Jacksonville (Former Employee) says

"I would not advise to work at One Call because it will suck the life out of you. Working there you must be clicked with a group to advance in any department."

Richard Zuber says

"Cancelled my insurance with this company due to yearly renewal increasing by 40%. Please be aware this company will not send you your no claims bonus certificate unless you pay for it! Never have i heard this before. I am taking this matter to financial ombudsman as i do not agree with this companies terms and conditions"

Mike says

"OneCall sold me a defective $350 Bose headphones; they and Amazon-fulfillment are shirking responsibility. I was charged a $70 'restocking fee' for returning a DEFECTIVE $350 lemon. Used it on wireless and it was OK; 5 months later, on a plane, wanted to connect 'wired' and found out that it is defective: intermittent with noise. Since it was 'fulfilled' by Amazon, I contacted them and made the case that they have responsibility for defective items beyond the 'return window' and they issued a return-label without mentioning that there will be a $70 deduction. I contacted Amazon back, and their response was: "beware of online purchases, and inspect EVERY single function of the device within the return window" Seriously ?????????------- (nobody has the time to get familiarized, and test ALL the functions of today's devices) I contacted OneCall, and they said they have almost no connection to the sale (are they a front label for Amazon???) and refused to take any responsibility despite the fact that, nominally, they are on my bill of sale... So beware of the shady practices and rules of these outfits"

Annie Davies says

"I have had an email to tell me that my car insurance is due for renewal but there was no price on it, no link to follow up and i am unable for some reason to log in online - my password has been rejected, the email to reset hasn't arrived after 4 attempts, the live chat which is open for at least another hour is closed and i can't find an obvious phone number - so i tried ringing the breakdown/accident help number and it says they are closed!"

Alastair Davidson says

"This is my second review of this company. It is the only method of having them respond. I am sure that they are great until you require some action from them. After conning me with a Terms and Conditions charges, I cannot get them to issue a NCD certificate. If they responded to correspondence or answered the telephone it would help."

JJ says

"Don't EVER order from !!! This company is a complete and utter joke, and their representatives are rude, nosy, and very unprofessional! I placed an order online for a camera with their site. I was reluctant to order at first because I had never heard of this retailer and you never know what to expect from a company that doesn't have a recognizable name. A few hours after placing an order I received a call from "Brian" who said he was having a problem verifying my identity. First of all, that was complete and utter BS! My billing and shipping address were the same, and exactly what my credit card company has on file. Furthermore, you can google my name and my address comes up with my phone number. In addition, the cell phone number I use is the same number I've had for over a decade and is registered in my name, and on file with my bank! It is even on my credit report since I don't use a landline like 90% of the population. So his cockamamie line about being unable to verify my identity is nonsense, because everything checks out. He then proceeded to ask me what I planned on using the camera for, if I had purchased Nikon products before, and what i planned on using the camera for. After answering his ridiculous questions, he continued to ask more. "So the address I'm shipping it to... is that your office" he asked? I said yes, and he said "oh I know because I called the company that leases the space and verified that you are a tenant." Again, he has absolutely no business calling anyone except my card issuer to verify if my address is on file. Which it was! How dare these idiots call the company that I lease from. He then asked me what lens did I plan on ordering for the camera, and if I had a website where he could see my work at. At this point, I am thinking this is a complete and utter joke. I was placing an order for a product, not applying for a business loan! I highly recommend you stay the hell away from this sham company unless you want to be bombarded with questions they have no business asking. Who cares what lens I plan on using, or if I ordered Nikon products previously. My experience with cameras is none of your damn business. Furthermore, how are you unable to verify my identity when it is exactly what my bank has on file. What a joke! Clearly my identity has already been verified if that's what the bank has on file idiots. And GOOGLING my name with my address brings up pages of results that further confirm my identity. These guys are idiots! I found some other horrible customer experiences online about previous customers whose credit cards were stolen after ordering from this company on multiple occasions, to being double charged for an item ordered, and refusing to refund charges after the item arrived damaged. Buyer beware of these clowns! Glad I dodged a bullet."